Alex Stevovich | Creative Pursuits in Art and Technology.
Alex Stevovich

I am a versatile creative professional, specializing in visual arts, digital production arts, and software development. Welcome, and thank you for your interest! My portfolio is divided across distinct brands for clarity and precision. Each echoes my commitment to excellence and innovation. Inquiries into any area of my expertise are encouraged.

My school training was in fine arts from the Rhode Island School of Design (BFA Industrial Design) and I've since devoted my life to continuous learning, following the principles of enrichment through mastery of polymath pursuits. My diverse skills, many self-taught, have been refined to meet and exceed industry standards.

Alex Stevovich

I invite friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and newcomers alike to connect and to engage with me on my discord server. I regularly post about my process, insights and artwork teasers. I would love it if you joined!

Primary Skills
  • Creative Visual Arts: Trained artist with extensive experience in the visual arts demonstrating excellence in drawing, illustration, and graphic, with a scholarly understanding of art history. Proficient in both physical mediums and digital mediums including the entire Adobe Suite.
  • Digital Production Arts: Specialist in art-technology fields with a focus on advanced 3D artistry and cinematic production. I am proficient in a majority of industry standard software, including ZBrush, Maya, Blender, Substance Painter/Designer, Unreal, Unity. I have mastered many workflows such as sculpting, rigging, weighting, animating, topology, mathematics, shaders, rendering, and painting. I also publish my own addon suites for many of these softwares.
  • Software Development and Database: Seasoned programmer, able to quickly learn any language, with a focus on C++, Python, Javascript, and Golang. Proficient in most modern frameworks. Proven track record in leading and completing projects in the domains of app, web, game, ai, and database.
  • Experienced Film Production Editor: Skilled in complex special effects and straightforward edits. I effectively employ modern 2D and 3D production techniques, using tools like After Effects, Premiere, Katana, and Davinci Resolve. My expertise spans a full suite of 3D capabilities, and I have significant experience in creating real-time overlays for broadcast and digital platforms, including engaging pop-ups, avatars, and augmented reality.
  • Music Composition: Accomplished in music composition, with professional experience in scoring. While a majority of my recent work is digital using DAWs I do play the guitar, bass and piano which aid in my song writing.
  • Metaphysics and Futurism: Published writer on metaphysics and futurism, philosophical passions of mine.
Featured Brands and Projects

My work is divided into brands for clear and focused presentations. Here I feature some of my projects but some I keep isolated or anonymous to allow them the space to resonate and more creative freedom.

Colors in the Sky
Creative Solutions, Visual Design, Web Design, UI/UX

NOTE: This is an ongoing rebranding of my design portfolio Transomnebulism.

Transomnebulism is a creative and visual consulting boutique focusing on the Fine Arts industry with a client list that includes museums and top tier galleries of New York City and Boston. For over a decade my award-winning aesthetic and quality stands out in the competitive realm of design. I've had the honor of designing for the work of some of history’s most beloved artists such as Mary Cassat, John Singer Sargent, Pablo Picasso, and others.

Midnight Citylights
Software Development and Database

Midnight Citylights is a portfolio of my software development and database work. I am an experienced generalist programmer, adaptable to be language-agnostic while specializing in C++, Python, Golang, and JavaScript. The focus is on in-house projects, and package development to empower my creative endeavors.

Colossal Realms
3D Art, Tech Arts, Animation, Production Techniques

Colossal Realms specializes in producing high-quality art, effects, and production techniques for modern entertainment, including my own products and franchises like Valiant Song. Additionally, I develop and license a range of software toolkits.

Valiant Song
Fantasy Artwork, Music and Gamedev

Valiant Song emerges as a burgeoning franchise set within an idyllic, stylized fantasy world. Its debut - a 3D game for PC which draws inspiration from the artistry behind classic games in the genre colloquially known as an RPG. Influenced by legends such as Hironobu Sakaguchi, Roberta Williams, Richard Garriott, and artists like Yoshitaka Amano, Akira Toriyama, and Nobuo Uematsu. This project is inspired from these heights of greatness, and reinvigorates them into the modern era.

Super Miko Enterprises and Enchanted Getaways
Website TBA
Illustration, Writing, Inhouse Spokesperson

Miko is an experienced pilot, flight attendant, mechanic, travel agent and hospitality specialist. She owns her own airplane, flight school and travel agency. Her plane is just for transporting passengers and cargo because she’s also able to fly on her own using her super powers if she gets her paws on a Supercharged Boba Latte.

Miko is a fun story project I'm currently working on showcasing my kawaii illustrations and writing.

Misc. Facts
  • Graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Industrial Design.
  • Grew up in the Boston area.
  • Resides in the US Atlantic North East at the very edge of the world.
Message Me

The best way to reach me is discord linked above. As an alternative you can message me here. Please make sure to include a way for me to reach you or I won't know where to reply.

After pressing SEND my friend SuperMikobot9 will ping my phone to notify me of your message.
Promotional Initiative

I'm embarking on a major initiative to refresh my content and present a unified public portfolio of my diverse work. After years in various fields without a cohesive public presence, I am dedicating this quarter to enhancing my online visibility. My roadmap outlines the milestones I aim to achieve during this period. Thank you for visiting and for your patience as I refine my online presence. I have also established social media platforms to further promote my work and would greatly appreciate your engagement and support.